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"I love this little apartment. I do! A lot.”
As waves of regret washed over her, Aria sat on the floor and felt like staying down there infinitely. She imagined staying there for so long that all the broken things–the papers which had been thrown all over, the shattered lamp, and finally her aching heart, would soon have a life of its own and fix itself. But that did not happen. Things remained the same and Aria was still on the floor with her her knees pressed to her chest, her cheeks damp and hot from crying. Why was it that, in the midst of all the chaos, the only thought that ran through her mind was that morning she told Ezra how much she loved the little apartment. It was as if her memory had toyed with her feelings, in an attempt to make her feel worse for destroying what was someone else’s treasures. Of course, some things in the room were partially her treasures as well but after all was said and done, the room was not hers, the posters, the coffee table, not even the books which she equally admired. But they all belonged to him. Aria soon realized that she did not love the little apartment for its contents, but she had loved it only for him.

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"Life isn’t always romantic. Sometimes, it’s realistic.”
Out of all the things he wished he could’ve done better, this moment was it. Love often begins with a glance. And he hadn’t forgotten the day she sat by that bar with only a seat separating them. He could still recall the moment he glanced at her, only to ask if she was okay and how Aria would look back at him, nodding quietly. That was the beginning. But Ezra often wondered what it would have been like if that day never happened; if only the foundation of what was soon to become an inexplicable affair started with the truth. What if this was their beginning instead––standing in the middle of an empty coffee shop rather than a college bar, a time taking place at night rather than day, while acting upon a different motive? All would change except for the remains of the same, shared glance. Alas, life did not work in such way. Because in the end, the perfect things in life had to have the small, messy bits in order to have the wonderful whole.

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Lucy only had her nipples covered in the sex scene.

And she could, “Only do that with Ian.”


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“There was very little coverage.”
— Ian Harding (re: Lucy topless)

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Lucy and Ian talk about the Ezria sex scene.

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Anonymous asked:
so did Ian see Lucy topless?


Well, basically. Her nipples were covered, but the rest of her boobs weren’t.

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